Polyethylene Industrial Yarn 1600D

Other applications: protective gloves, dust gauze, top-grade window screen, invisible screen, etc.
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Product Details

Polyethylene industrial yarn 1600D

Product description:

1. Choose 100% new raw materials ,and first grade colour masterbatchs to match various colours.

2. Equiped advanced and professional extrudering machines to ensure a stable and high quality of monofilament yarns.

3. Skilled workers in 24 hours shift to guarantee the prompt delivery time for each batch.

4.Developed and designed latest paper-core-axes packing style to more suitable to the next production process.

5. Our product control team has a more than 15 years production experience of monofilament yarn.

6. The factory near to Qingdao port, be convenient to the transport .


Polyethylene industrial yarn 1600D






as per customer's request


Spool, 1kg-5kg/pc, with paper core



Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber (UHMW-PE)

Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber is currently the strongest and lightest high-performance fiber in the world. Its specific strength ranks first among the world’s three high-performance fibers. It is the first to use flexible chains after the advent of aramid and carbon fibers. High-strength and high-modulus fiber made of molecules as raw materials. The Jonnyma brand ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber produced by our company has the following excellent characteristics and has an irreplaceable effect:

1. High strength and high modulus-the specific strength is about 10 times that of steel wire of the same weight, and the modulus is second only to special grade carbon fiber;

2. Light weight-the density is only 0.97 g/cm3, which can float on the water surface;

3. Good chemical resistance-macromolecules are highly inert, non-polar, strong acid-base solutions and organic solvents have no effect on their strength;

4. No moisture absorption-no water absorption, generally do not need to be dried before forming processing;

5. Anti-ultraviolet-has excellent weathering resistance, anti-ultraviolet, low degradation degree and stable mechanical properties under long-term sunlight exposure;

6. Anti-radiation-it has an excellent shielding effect on radiation, so it can be used as a shielding plate for nuclear power plants;

6. Low temperature resistance-it is still ductile at liquid helium temperature (-269°C), while aramid fiber loses bulletproof performance at -30°C; it can also maintain excellent impact strength in liquid nitrogen (-195°C) , So it can be used as a low temperature resistant component in the nuclear industry;

7. Excellent electrical insulation performance;

8. Hygienic and non-toxic-benzene-free formula, which can be used to contact food and drugs

Wide application:

Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene industrial yarn with high strength, high modulus, high orientation, corrosion resistance, uv light resistance, not easy to wear, etc., in the safety, protection, aviation, aerospace, national defense equipment, vehicle manufacturing, shipbuilding, sports plays a pivotal role. In addition, the product has a broad prospect in the impact resistance, shock absorption materials and high-performance lightweight composite materials.

Its use mainly has three kinds: the rope, the net and the textile category; Impact resistant materials and composite materials of the reinforcement class etc.


Our company view:

Our company boasts a team of young professionals with strong innovative power and high market flexibility. Our company can annually produce more than 6,000 tons of various kinds of HT aprons, polyester and polypropylene filaments, polyester embroidery threads, and polyester sewing threads. With the improvement of our company's internal management, our brand products have been well received and deeply trusted by customers and sold widely around China.


1) every cone on dyeing tube or paper cone;

2) 12 cones/carton or 20 cones/carton;

3) net weight: 1kg, 1.5kgs, 2kgs/cone, etc;

4) meas: 65x50x25cm or 74x25x37cm;

5) or as your need.

Our advantage:

1. We are manufacturer, so we can supply you with best price and high quality, we can guarantee you that.

2. Our output is big, so we can meet big order quantity. Our delivery time is also very short.

3. Good reputation.

4. Prompt service to meet your any requirements.

5. We can design your customized packing to attractive your end-user and open the market in your country.


1. How long for the production?

    Within 15 days after payment.

2. Do you provide samples? Is it free or extra?

  Yes. Samples can be provide and free. But the freight should be paid by customers.

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