100% UV 300-3000D PP Yarn

We are PP yarn polypropylene yarn supplier.High tenacity PP
yarn has advantages of high tenacity, anti-aging, acid and
alkaliresistant, light weight, corrosion resistance, low
thermal conductivity and the advantages of no-hygroscopic.
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Product Details

100% UV 300-3000D PP Yarn

We are PP yarn polypropylene yarn supplier.High tenacity PP yarn has advantages of high tenacity, anti-aging, acid and alkaliresistant, light weight, corrosion resistance, low thermal conductivity and the advantages of no-hygroscopic.

PP Yarn description:

1. 100% manufacturer

2. Best material selection

All our goods are by use of best or suitable materials from the best suppliers.

3. Good service

We definitely produce all goods by ourselves. It is the stop service from wiredrawing, ring twisting, rope twisting/braiding, QC, packing.

4. After sales service provided

Besides, after sales service is necessary for more understanding for your needs. We do keep a close concern.

5. Flexible quantity

If your bid is ok for both parties, we could accept any quantity.

Of course, we like the big quantity, because we have ability for big order

6. Good relation on forwarders

We have good relation on our forwarders,

Because we could place lots of orders to them

So your cargos can be transported by air or by sea on time

PP Yarn test report:

Denier: 300D-3000D

Tenacity: normal Tenacity(1.8-2.5gpd); medium tenacity (2.6-4gpd); high tenacity(4-8gpd)

Type: FDY(Fully drawn yarn)

Color: all colors available

Intermingle point: 20 or 25 points per meter

Regular filament: 32F,60F,72F,90F,96F (144F,160F,208F also available)

Deviation of line density: +-2.5%

Percentage of elongation: 15-25%

CV for percentage of elongation: 4%

Shrinkage in boiling water: 5%

Oil Rate: 2%

Packaging Details

1.Height 200mm, Outer diameter 350mm / 10kg/bobbin, 2bobbin/carton

1x20FT QTY: 10000kgs ; 1x40HQ QTY:24000kgs.

2.Height 200mm, Outer diameter 280mm / 5kg/bobbin, 4bobbin/carton.

1x20FT QTY: 9000kgs ; 1x40HQ QTY:22000kgs.

3.Height 150mm, Outer diameter 350mm / 6kg/bobbin, 4bobbin/carton

1x20FT QTY: 9000kgs ; 1x40HQ QTY:21000kgs.

4.Height 290mm, Outer diameter 235mm / 5kg/bobbin, 4bobbin/carton

1x20FT QTY: 9000kgs ; 1x40HQ QTY:20000kgs.

The PP Yarn use:

The main product 300D-3000D ultra-high strength polypropylene yarn filament has the characters of acidproof , ageingproof & alkali resistant , shrinking little with heat , strong breakness , as well as lowest price . It is widely used in the fields of industrial belt , safety belt , conveying belt , fibre cloth , industrial sewing thread , etc. It is the ideal chemical fibre material to instead of polyamide fibre ,polyester fibre.

PP Yarn Use

Polypropylene fiber's development:

The polyester material commonly used in everyone's life has the advantages of simple production technology and easy access to raw materials. After a long period of development, it has become one of the world's four major fibers. The polypropylene filament fiber did not begin to develop until the 1980s in China, and after the successful development of high-melt index fiber polypropylene resin in the 1980s, after continuous and long-term research and development and improvement, it has gradually been able to meet Polyester goes hand in hand. It has been less than 30 years since the development of polypropylene filament yarn. It has been widely used by everyone. You must be very curious about its growth history and development process, and at the same time look forward to its future market prospects. Next, I will Let us introduce in detail the development history and market prospects of polypropylene filament raw materials!

The relative density of polypropylene filament fiber is 0.91g/m³, which is 40% lighter than cotton and 34% lighter than polyester. It is the smallest known fiber and the only fiber that can float on water. And because polypropylene itself has a very low thermal conductivity, it can maintain a constant temperature to the utmost extent, resulting in a series of warm-keeping fabrics made of polypropylene. In the 21st century, polypropylene will surpass polyester to become the second chemical fiber in the world. Among them, the development speed of polypropylene fine denier filament is the most eye-catching.

At present, polypropylene silk fabrics have become more and more popular among people. Especially in recent years, due to the gradual decrease in world cotton production, the price of cotton fabrics has also risen. In addition, polypropylene is the most popular fabric besides cotton, linen, silk and other fabrics. The close-fitting fiber has the characteristics of breathability, light weight, warmth retention, unidirectional moisture conduction, deodorization and antibacterial properties, and it is understandable that polypropylene silk fabrics are sought after.

The raw material of polypropylene filament-polypropylene, is also due to the development of my country's industrialization, and the mining and processing capabilities have also greatly improved. At present, the annual production and processing of polypropylene in my country has exceeded 100 tons, accounting for only 1/10 of the proportion of all chemical fibers, while the proportion of polypropylene mining in the United States accounts for 34%, and most of it in the West is around 27%. From this it appears that my country's polypropylene fiber market has a very broad prospect and there is great room for development. The price of polypropylene filament internationally has reached US$20,000/ton. Due to the excellent properties of polypropylene filament, it has become a hot spot for mining in the world. A complete set of polypropylene fiber mining, R&D and production work lines has been formed abroad. Although the overall level in China is low and the production line is not complete, it is believed that China's polypropylene fiber market will flourish in the future.

FAQ for pp yarn:

About color swatches/samples                                                                                       

1. We provide free samples within 1 kg, you need to pay the Courier fee.

2. Specify the color sample only provide color confirmation, does not provide the finished product sample.

About Cooperation                                                                                                         

L/C: 100% at sight L/C

T/T: 30% deposit by T/T,70% within 7 days after get the copy of B/L.

About customer service                                                                                                   

If you want TradeManager consulting failed to reply, please send mail to emily@xmtopstones.com.cn

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