High Tenacity PP FDY Multifilament Yarn

High tenacity PP FDY multifilament yarn for main applications: V-belt fabrics, Hoisting belts, Conveyor Belts, Fire hoses, Hoses, Tie Down belts, Box Belts, Fishing Nets, Polyester cords, Cordage, Geotextile, Geogrid, tire cord fabrics, Canvas.
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Product Details

High Tenacity PP FDY Multifilament Yarn

Product Information

1. Material: 100% Polypropylene

2.Product Name:High Tenacity PP FDY Multifilament Yarn

3. Color: more than 180 colors, white, black, gray, yellow, red, green, blue

4. Yarn Type: Filament

5. Specification:

High tenacity polypropylene yarn

Medium tenacity yarn

UV Stabilized yarn

Dope Dyed Color yarn

Multi-ply yarn

PP Yarn

Polypropylene multifilament yarn

6. Main applications: V-belt fabrics, Hoisting belts, Conveyor Belts, Fire hoses, Hoses, Tie Down belts, Box Belts, Fishing Nets, Polyester cords, Cordage,   Geotextile, Geogrid, tire cord fabrics, Canvas.

7. General Medium Tenacity(broken tenacity: 5.0-7.0g/D)

Main specification: 600D/840D/900D/1000D/1500D/2000D

8. Medium Tenacity 0.5-4% Anti-UV (broken tenacity: 5.0-7.0g/D)

  twisted and color yarn is made.

9. Twisted yarn: "s" & "z" direction, twisted from 20 to 400tpm, or special made according to customer's requirements.

Packing & Delivery

pp woven bag and conton 10kg per cone ,3 cone into a woven bag.or according to your requirement.

usually within 10 working days after receive your deposit



Our Advantage



1.Is these product the same as the starch-based and saccharide grous plastic ?

( eg: PLA, PHA, PHB. Ect)

Not exactly !the plastic added Eco-one is great different from corn based andsaccharide grous plastic in property and degration method.


2,Is the plastic rope added eco-one the same as the oxidation bio-degradable plastics?

NO! The process ofoxygen biodegradable plastic needsoxygen ultraviolet rays,heat Because it would not happened in landfills .and the plastic added the eco-one can be degraded without the oxygen and the ultraviolet rays. and the landfill is the best environment for it !


3. Does the plastic rope added eco-one influence the retrievability of recoverable products ?

   No!there is no difference for the flexibility after adding the eco-one.so will not impact the recycle process !


4. Can you advise if the organic additive meet the requirement of food and drug administration (FDA)?

   Yes !our additive has pass the certification of FDA related to the polyolefin (PE &PP),PS,TPA and PET.


5,Does the plastic rope added eco-one have special requirement for the conservation?

NO! It can be kept freely ,really different from PLA and Oxo.


6,Do you have special laboratory to test itsbiodegradability?

   Yes ! .we have past all the certification , and you can contact with us at any time!

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