Creora Spandex Yarn 140D For Socks

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Creora spandex yarn 140D for socks

The description of Creora spandex yarn 140D for socks     

Spandex Yarn Specification
Product TypeSpandex yarn
ColorRaw White  , Black , Color
ApplicationHigh-grade underwear , Swimming suits , Jeans , Socks , Medical bandage , Ribbon , Paper diapers etc.

15D , 20D , 30D , 40D , 70D 
105D , 140D , 210D , 280D
420D , 560D , 840D

The pictures of 140d Creora spandex yarn 

Creora spandex yarn 140D for socks

Creora spandex yarn

Creora spandex yarn 140d

white Creora spandex yarn 140D

140d Creora spandex yarn

The specification of Creora spandex yarn 

Our spandex yarns range is from 10D to 2000D, and regular deniers in continuous production is 10D, 15D, 20D, 30D, 40D, 70D, 140D, 210D, 280D, 420D, 560D, 840D, 1120D. We also can produce any Denier within our range according to customer’s special request. Due to rich production experience and strong technical force, we can produce and supply clear type, dull type, semi-dull type, bright type spandex yarn.

The package & shipping

Package: 500-1000d/cone

Delivery: the stock, in 15 days after receiving the payment.

Dyeing & Finish

1.Under the high temperature condition, strength and stress of spandex yarn will decline to a certain extent and have different resilience. In order to ensure the fabric quality of the finished cloth, attention shall be paid to the dyeing and finishing conditions.

2.In the dry state at 185℃ without tension, the action time shall be less than 50 seconds.

3.In the wet state at 130℃without tension, the heat preservation period shall be less than 30 minutes.

4.The PH value of dyeing liquid shall be controlled between 3 and 10. The dyeing liquid shall be acidic (PH<7) for polyester and nylon fabrics and alkaline (PH>7) for cotton fabric. In the process of operation, it is strictly prohibited to use aromatic solvents, bleach containing active chlorine (such as sodium hypochlorite), alkaline and unsaturated oil and fat (such as linseed oil, animal oil, etc.), heavy metal salt (aluminum, chromium, zinc, etc.), benzoic acid dye intermediates, etc.

Why choose us

1. Experts: We have best American experts come from Dupont Company in spandex industry

2. Raw material: Oil imported from Japan.

3. Equipment: Japanese TMT winder, German MAHR pump, American SPINTRAK, ETC.

4. Our BaiLu spandex's quality is stable and reliable.

It not only has high elasticity, recovering power and high uniformity, but also has properties of high tenacity, high elongation and excellent durability.

5. Over 10 years manufacture experience.

6. Good After-sales service, because we have own technical division.


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