Lycra Spandex Yarn 20D A Grade

Lycra, AA/A grade
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Product Details

Lycra spandex yarn 20D A grade

The description of Lycra spandex yarn 20D A grade

ProductLycra Spandex yarn 
Material100% spandex
ColorWhite / Black
TechnicsDry spinning
Lot NumberMultiple
FeaturesHigh flexibility acid and alkali resistance wear resistance
UsageSocks /Underwear /Sportwears /Swimwears /Medical items etc


The pictures of Lycra spandex yarn 

Lycra spandex yarn 20D A grade

Lycra spandex yarn 20D

Lycra spandex yarn

20d Lycra spandex yarn

white Lycra spandex yarn

white Lycra spandex yarn A grade


The package & shipping

Package: by cartons

Delivery: the stock, in 15 days after receiving the payment.

Lycra spandex yarn 20D A grade

How to store the spandex yarn 

Spandex filament should be kept in a constant temperature and humidity environment. The lower the temperature is between 18 and 20 degrees Celsius, the longer the storage period is, and the relative humidity is 60%-70%. It is not suitable to place in the sun. It is not suitable to store it together with chemical products such as sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides to cause its decomposition.

Storage period: 20D (3 months), 30D (4 months), 40D-70D (6 months), 100D-280D (9 months) and more than 420D (12 months). The thicker the spandex, the longer the storage period.

When polyurethane filament is weaving, the carton will be opened at least 16 hours in advance from the constant temperature warehouse to the workshop, and it will be moisturized in the weaving workshop to reduce yarn breakage during weaving.


1.Our yarn is not melting in DMF for 30 minits.
2.Our 1120D and 1680D yarn winding is crisscross( Jali) winding
Below is our reasones:
1.Our spandex yarn just can melt in DMAC.
Lycra spandex also can not melt in DMF,
We use the simillar material with lycra.
2.If 1120D and 1680D yarn wind too tight,will hurt yarn's draw ratio and recovery.
so our yarn wind a little loose,result in winding is crisscross.
Some other brand winding maybe more better than us,
but the shelf life of our spandex yarn is more longer than some other brand 

Below is our advantages:

(1).Experts: We have best American experts come from Dupont Company in spandex industry.

(2).Raw material: PTMEG from our branch company, we also offer PTMEG to Roica for three years; Oil imported from Japan.

(3).Equipment:Japanese TMT winder, German MAHR pump, American SPINTRAK, ETC.

(4).Over 13 years manufacture experience.

(5).Good After-sales service, because we have own technical division.

(6).Annual output is 24000 tons.


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