Spandex Bare Yarn 30d AA Grade

AA/A grade
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Spandex bare yarn 30d AA grade

The description of Spandex bare yarn 30d AA grade

Conventional polyurethane yarn: It is a new type of fiber with many excellent textile properties, good elasticity and elastic recovery. It also has the characteristics of fine size, high strength, small specific gravity, good dyeing and fastness.

Product name 100%  spandex yarn AA/A grade 30D spandex yarn
Item No.SY1
ColorRaw white
Yarn count24F
MOQ1000 kilograms
Payment TT, Western Union, Moneygram
Delivery10-20 days after receiving the payment

The pictures of Spandex yarn 30d 

Spandex bare yarn 30d AA grade

Spandex bare yarn 30d

Spandex bare yarn aa grade

Spandex bare yarn

The features of 30d spandex yarn

1. The biggest characteristic of spandex filament is its high elasticity. Its elastic elongation can reach 6-7 times and its elastic recovery rate can reach 95-98%. It also has the characteristics of enduring repeated drawing, that is, the tensile force is large and shrinks in the range of 50%-250%. This is the unique characteristic of spandex filament.

2. Resistance to acid, cold and alkali, organic solvents and most chemicals of polyurethane filament

3. Spandex filament has higher strength

The package & shipping

Package: by cartons. 60 cones/carton

Delivery: the stock, in 15 days after receiving the payment.

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